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Filtration & Flow Control Division

Recycling Equipment Division

PBE Filtration & Flow Control is one of Virginia's largest dealers of filtration products, valves, actuators, and strainers. PBE Recycling Equipment is Virginia's largest distributor of balers, baling wire, conveyors, and shredders.
Filtration & Flow Control Recycling Equipment
PBE provides safe, efficient, and economical filtration and flow control solutions throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, the District of Columbia. We've served a vast array of industries including chemical, food and beverage, paints and coatings, power generation, pharmaceutical, printing and publishing, automotive, water purification, and municipal.
Our product offering includes but not limited to air and liquid filter cartridges and bags, strainers, automatic filtration systems, compressed air dryers and desiccants, and all types of valves and actuators.
Our key manufacturers that we represent include Graver Technologies, Van Air Systems for compressed air treatment, Eaton Strainers and Filtration, ABZ, Flo-tite, Quality Controls Inc, and Gusmer Enterprises
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PBE is also the regional leader in designing, providing, and installing recycling and waste reduction systems throughout Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. We offer a complete selection of new, refurbished, and used recycling equipment. Our products include but not limited to vertical balers, horizontal balers, drag chain belt conveyors, slider belt conveyors, sorting systems, shredders for all applications, and briquetters.
PBE is also a large distributor of baling wire. And, we our service department covers the entire region that can service all types of recycling equipment.
Our key manfucturers that we represent are American Baler, Harris balers, Cavert Wire, Karl Schmidt Conveyors, and Weima America shredders.
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